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Having a problem with a specific room ceiling which doesn't show on camera during the render. on room specification dialog that specific room possesses a ceiling and a roof. Viewing from above the 2nd floor you can judge the problem. Red arrowed and red encircled room have a ceiling and a roof in the room specification dialog but does not show in rendering. As a reference and convenience in understanding the scene, the adjoining room encircled and arrowed with green is a roofless room. What could be the problem? Another thing i would like to clarify is that the red encircled room's ceiling height is lower than other rooms on that particular floor.   5baa3006e4180_Untitled1.thumb.jpg.94ad8a42403a808945bb229cc4bced92.jpg20180925_172946.thumb.jpg.d5d8c1bed8ca8db303107ec3869a1de9.jpg

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I had the same problem with the ceiling finish. I lost the vaulted ceiling finish while redesigning the roof planes on my project. I spent days on end trying to figure out why I had lost my ceiling finish. I went to the Room Specification box and the ceiling there but didn't show on the camera view. Check everything possible but no ceiling. It didn't show on the camera view. After a few days I let it rest came back to check. SOLUTION: Double click on the roof plane and in the Roof Plane Specification box go to Structure. Then click Edit button next to Ceiling. The Roof Ceiling Finish Definition box appears. Check to see if you have a material listed in the material layers window. I had no material listed so that is why no ceiling was showing in the camera views. So, I inserted a material and clicked OK and viola - the ceiling material showed up. Why did it take me so long to figure this out when it was a simple fix? Honest to God I don't have an answer.  But just liked the challenge of finding out after relentless trial and error.

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