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1 minute ago, Simpledesigns said:

I set the ceiling height for the 1st floor


Set 1st floor height in Defaults.


When you build a 2nd floor, the 1st floor setting will not change, although it can be altered in the Build New Floor dialog.

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4 hours ago, Simpledesigns said:

When starting a new plan, I set the ceiling height for the 1st floor, build second floor and set the ceiling height, then I notice the first floor ceiling height changes? Hmmm, what is this new user doing wrong??


Doesn't sound right ?  but maybe Eric is onto something.... how are you setting the 1st Floor height and does it match the Floor Default ? ( each floor has a Default accessed only when on that Floor btw)


Defaults>Floors and Rooms>Current Floor>edit and look for the floor level in the title bar of the DBX (dialog Box)  to ensure you are on the right Floor.



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