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30 minutes ago, rickwookie said:

I am getting precisely this effect when trying to add a rope light to a trey ceiling. I've upped the max number of lights from the previous default (I think it was set to 20), but it's still looking like this. Is it not possible to use the rope light to effectively simulate LED strip (tape)?


Try adding Chief's Rope light instead , I think you can do it right from the Trey Ceiling DBX now....



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Nowadays, there`s quite an extensive selection of LED strips, so I don`t see the point of making them yourself... unless it`s a hobby =) I, for example, love strips that seem to shimmer in color and for me I chose led strip light that synchronizes with music. Love the club atmosphere! Btw, about the installation, I want to mention that the main factor affecting the quality of attachment is the cleanliness of surface on which it`ll be attached. Sooner or later poor quality strip can start to fall off from dirty surface in different places. I installed my strip previous year and they stuck firmly till now.

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