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 I am just working on a masonry garage design, and have been held up trying to figure out some details. One is for steel lintels that I am putting over the openings. The closest thing that you can use as a header type is a steel-box but I will be using steel angle. The header column shows the dimensions including the length of your lintel but only gives 1.5" on each side of the opening. Is anyone familiar with a way that I can change this to more? Otherwise, I will just remove that column and leave a note in the comments.


Second issue: When you pull your cross sections from a CMU building, it shows your trusses sitting right on the block. For now I have manually drawn my plate in with an anchor but I was curious if there is a way to do this as well?

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    • By HardWorkingBee
      Hi All,
      I have what should be a very straightforward case: I have a rectangular existing house with a full basement and an addition with crawl space at a lower elevation, 7" in my case. Chief automatically lowers the stem wall of the main house for the stem wall segment between the addition and the main house while also creating a jog with the rim joists. I have not been able to figure out how to control this behavior. If I manually edit the stem wall in a section view then for some reason the sill plates disappear from that wall altogether...
      X13 on MacBook Pro. Plan file attached.




      Many thanks in advance for your help.
      Stem Wall Sample Plan.plan

    • By SLInteriors
      Interior Design Firm looking for assistance with Chief Architect floor plans and renderings (2d and 3d). Most projects are individual rooms or a main floor, some exteriors as well. All details for drawings and finishes would be provided.  Require someone with attention to detail. Able to turn around under a week.
      If interested, please message me with your hourly rate as well.
      Thank You!
    • By ChiefArchitect
      The foyer space shares a wall with one of the bedroom spaces. For this option, the first floor plate height was lifted to 9', allowing possible room for transom windows. We set up the default window and door trim to include a custom lintel molding from the WindsorONE catalog, and also used matching base molding to create a consistent look.
    • By Doug_N
      Any window opening in a masonry wall usually requires an angle iron lintel.  That seems to be a problem for CA.  Although there is a lintel option for windows, you have to do the lintel manually or create a profile for it.  The lintel doesn't show up correctly in the window schedule if it is an angle, i.e. 3 1/2 x 4 x 1/4 LLV (long leg vertical.)
      Does anyone have a workaround?
    • By Sweeney
      Hi All, 
      Not necessarily a software related question, more of a detail question. I am designing a pool house with a large roof overhang. The client would like to expose the steel I-beams being used to support the rafters. Wondering if any of you have details you are willing to share of I-beam to rafter connections? How to properly flash wall above steel? Run the SPF top plate thru and bolt to the beam? Anything is appreciated.