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vga vs x9

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Laptop error because Chief architect x9 does not support VGA ATI DRIVER ... why

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This question would be better asked on the Chief Architect forum:


This forum is for Room Planner, a mobile app published by Chief Architect Software.

Also, when you post to the forum about an error, it's best to include some helpful information such as, the error you are seeing, when you see it, and your system specs.

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    • By StructEng58
      Good day all, 
      I am currently looking at buying a new computer and I am very heavily leaning on purchasing a MacBook Pro 16", which will give me everything to run Chief Architect. I have a MacBook that I bought in 2009 and it is still running strong, but it is not upgradable to the new Mac OS and I can't run X12. Right now I am running a Windows10 desktop, but really want one computer for work and other things. On my current setup I am running dual monitors with a TV attached for when I meet with customers. 
      I am looking for a dock for the MacBook Pro, which will allow me to connect up to four (4) monitors. This is so I can attach the two monitors I have along with the TV. In the near future I would like to add a third monitor for doing my structural calculations and such while in Chief. I have found this one linked below, but was wondering if anyone else is using a similar setup or if this will cause problems with Chief?
      Targus Quad Docking Station
      Thank you in advance, 
    • By carowe
      I just bought a new desktop and two 27” monitors in December and last week signed a contract on a job out of state that will require quite a bit of travel.  I am going to have to get a new laptop but really don’t want to spend a fortune at this point and don’t want to have to buy another license.  Most of my work will be done in my office, but on my trips out there will need to access my CA files, and perhaps work on them. What would be the minimum requirements I would need in order to access my main computer and let it do the heavy lifting on CA?  I use X11 Interiors and will primarily be working on kitchen and bathroom designs for the architect.
    • By LCrosno
      Does anyone currently own a Razer Blade 15 or 17, or any of the higher powered MSI laptops that are marketed specifically for 3D renderings/CAD? I am looking to upgrade my ASUS, and these two options seem to be the front runners. I use Chief Premier X10, and am really looking for something that I can have smooth renderings in, do walk-throughs easily, and save a few files to my computer instead of constantly having to save to an external storage source. 
      My current laptop is nearing three years old, and it has been fine, but never as good as I wanted. I am willing to spend the money now to get what I really need. 
      (Current computer: ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH74 17-Inch Gaming Laptop, Discrete GPU GeForce GTX 960M 4 GB VRAM, 16GB DDR4, 1 TB, 128 GB SSD)
    • By Toby-PKBLDR
      I need a new laptop to run Chief Premier and Sketchup Pro out of the office.
      Of these 3 offerings, I'd like to know anyone's thoughts or experiences.; (can buy for $1,665 open box excellent-certified) Thanks in advance for any feedback.
      All the best,
    • By Handwerk_Arts
      Okay, if you had no more than 2 grand to spend (maybe 2500) and you were in need of a new laptop, what would you pick? 
      Now, to make it a bit more interesting, imagine you don't just work in Chief. I do design in Chief and HDP. Also Video editing on Adobe, other design work on Adobe products and branching out into other software.
      I really need 4K UHD for video editing. And I really need a 17" screen, as my eyes are not as young as they once were.  Keep in mind, I will have no more desktop use, as I will be traveling. And with that in mind, maybe should go with a 15" and more powerful reading glasses. It will be difficult to get used to though, as I am used to 27" dual screens.  Not too concerned about rendering as I rarely do that.
      I have noticed there are pros and cons between mobile workstations and gaming laptops. Anyway, after weeks of reading reviews, articles, and videos, I need to take a breath of air.  So far I am leaning toward an 8th gen i7.
      But the question is, if YOU were to buy one today (and needed to do what i do) what would it be?
      I appreciate your suggestions.