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Leica Disto does not work with Marshmallow or Lollipop

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I have been waiting for a long time for Chief Architect to come out with their mobile version.  When I read that I could connect a Leica Disto via bluetooth, I knew I could cut my project time.  I carefully read the instructions on the page relating to which devices work with which operating systems and ordered a new Leica Disto.  When it arrived, I could not connect to my Samsung Tab 3.  Went out and bought a brand new Tab.  Could not connect the Disto.  Called tech support, "it doesn't work with Marshmallow, our developers are working on it."  So, I returned the Tab and spent four days trying to find a new Tab that had Lollipop on it.  Finally found it, received it and.....cannot connect the Disto.  I can see it, but cannot click on it to pair.  I now find that this is documented on the Forum.  Why, oh why did the tech support guy tell me it would work?  I am so frustrated with this, including the fact that I had to pay twice for the room planner app since I couldn't migrate it over to my new tab.


In my view, this is unacceptable for a large software firm.  Chief Architect, light a fire under your develops or drop the page that claims that we can use a Disto with Room Planner.  Irate!

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Bluetooth connection should work with Android 5.0. We are currently working on an update that will fix the issue with connecting to Android 6.0 and 7.0.

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We have released an update for Room Planner today, version 4.3. You should find the update in the Google Play store. If you still have problems connecting to a bluetooth device after updating, please let me know.

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