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Room PLanner LE to Room Planner

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I just paid the $9.99 for the Room Planner version having tested out the LE version but, I don't see where any changes have been made?  If I go back to the Google Play store and select it, will they charge me the $9.99 again?


I've been looking high and low for a program that will allow my Leice E7100i to talk to some kind of cad program on my Samsung Tab 8 and this one finally fits the bill.


I've been a long time *;89) user of all things Autodesk and hopefully I'll be able to dabble in the Chief Architect realm of the universe and get it to do what I need it to do (and that ADesk doesn't have anything comparible to do it with)


I've got to see how the freehand lines work as I think creating a bunch of boxes for rooms will be a good but slow but, at the least, it'll be tons faster than pencil and paper, then redrawing it to Autocad, then realizing you forgot a measurement or a window somewhere.. Major frustration.


I do home designs, remodels, and draw plans for flippers, contractors, and dreamers that want their dream house to materialize.


I think once I get the skills down on this, I'll definitely save several hundred dollars per job in time spent asbuilting. Holding a tablet and my little Leica is way better than trying to hold a giant notebook with rough sketches of floor plans, then trying to determine if that dimension you wrote in was a 7 or a 9..


Is there a rookfin veriosn where I can put a roof on top of a floorplan complete with trusses?


That would be most excellent.

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Your Google account should remember what apps you've already purchased.

No roofs or any kind of framing in Room Planner, and I doubt this is something they'll add to the app any time soon, probably need to bring the plan in to Chief for that.

These might help with some of your other questions

Also check out the ChiefTalk forum.

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