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Is anyone using a Samsung Tab S2 with a Disto E7100i? I just got the E7100i to use with Room Planner and I can not get them to play together. The Disto will pair with the S2 and will work with Disto sketch but not with Room Planner. The device shows up in room planner in the measuring device list but when I click on it to activate it nothing happens. I have unpaired & re paired several times, uninstalled Disto sketch, reinstalled Room Planner, rebooted the tablet and still no results. Spent and hour on the phone with Chief tech support and still not working.


The attached video clip shows what is(n't) happening


Any suggestions?



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Did you see this post in the other thread?


Hi All,

If you seem to be having issues pairing your Leica device with Room Planner, start by restarting the iPad. Once this has been done, do NOT pair the device within the iPads Bluetooth Settings section. Go directly into Room Planner, tap on the Settings (Cog) wheel, and go down to Bluetooth Measuring Devices. Your Leica device should now appear here. Tap on it to pair the two devices. If paired, you will see an orange checkmark appear.

If you continue to have trouble, please give our support team a call. We can be reached at (208) 665-3674 or toll-free at (800) 482-4433.

Thank you.

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