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Good Andriod Tablets

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I have been waiting patiently for the Android release because I am not an Apple user, and didn't want to have to become one...however I was close to becoming one just for this app. I thought I would share on a few Android tablets I have tested out Room Planner on in depth.

It is suggested that version 4.4 is used with 16gb storage and 2g ram. I however found if you are using this app with the intention to do some basic AS BUILT TAKEOFF then you can get away with some smaller devices.

I am a Samsung user when out comes to smart phones and tablets,I will list a few I have tested...

1) Samsung Note Pro 12, 64gb storage / 3g ram which is basically the biggest and most loaded tablet Samsung has to offer and the most expensive, Room Planner works well on out however there was still some bang up on the sensitivity when clicking on the tools to build walls. All the library's downloaded well and where available without issue. Downfall was the S Pen does not work. And thisunit is not easy to walk around with to enter the design.

2)Samsung Tab 4./8.0, 16gb storage/ 1.5g ram, this is the cheapest you'll find in Samsung's line up, and surprisingly works with a minor prompt when loading it " Materials are disabled" but if yoyou are not needing to do finished design for onsite presentation...big deal. However I did see that it ran slow and I was not to thrilled on how it felt when holding it in one hand and had to use my fingers only. The tablet is to square and not comfortable. This does not support any type of S Pen or stylist.

3) LG's G Pad F 8.0, 16gb storage/ 1g ram. Now surprisingly I have never been to fond of LG but I really liked this one and was pleasantly surprised to see it work so well. And it comes with a stylist and IT WORKS! When loading it I did not get any prompt saying "materials will be disabled". Syncing to the cloud worked consistently where I was having problems on the Samsung devices. The unit has a curved back and soft rounded corners so it makes it comfortable to hold in one hand while doing the takeoff. My worry it that being it has 1g ram... will it have issues down the road. But seeing that you are Syncing to the cloud up to 5 plans I can see the only problem that it would have would be possibly slowing down with adding more to the library...however I am not sure if that would be dictated by the ram or storage. And with this tablet you get 16gb with the option to increase to an additional 128gb when using a mini sd.

I would lover to hear what others are using and how they like them and what'they don't like. For the money the LG is my pick it's affordable for the user who just needs to do Onsite AS BUILT takeoffS that not needing. Provided finishefinished designs. If you want to have the ability to do More outside of Room Planner you May want to invest in something bigger. I however will be doing my final design on my computer. And with the package from AT&T the LTE coverage is great to sync to the cloud.

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