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Has anyone figured out how to create glass? 


I am trying to construct a very minimal shower, but I don't see any glass color options, or glass pieces. 


Likewise, I do not see any non framed mirrors, am I nuts? 


If anyone has a way to get frames off of things, color something glass, or finds a minimal mirror, please let me know!

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    • By emaniesanabria
      I'm hoping that someone can help me out here. I frequently use the same materials and I was wondering if there is any way to change the default textures/ colors so that every new project starts off the same. For example: on exterior walls CA defaults to blue lap siding; bathrooms and kitchen default to a cream tile; walls, windows, and doors default to Brite paint; etc.
      I'd like to change these so that I can save myself time. Can someone explain how to do that, please? 
      Thank you! 
    • By DonSpring
      How do I take picure of a color or texture and use it in Room Planner as a custom material?
    • By MarkMc
      Short story-here is a 3 wire tray base pullout representing a Hafele 546.62.826 with 546.63.114 (set and a half)
      two cabinets and the insert.
      Base width is 14" but can resize that-height is set for a frameless cabinet that with 4" toe kicks but you can copy it in your library and resize for others. If you want two baskets well you will have to work on that yourself (I have wooden things made by the mfg)
      Long version if you care
      Melissa was placing a wire pullout in a base cabinet and ended up using one meant for a tall cabinet. The only wire 3 tray PO that I know of is from Hafele-a few widths are available and the height is adjustable but you can't go and (reasonably) get a custom wire P.O. Some of the Hafele catalog is available in 2020 BUT not in Chief. (get after your Hafele rep and cabinet suppliers to change that). You can export a 3d DWG from 2020 but still have to get textures onto it-ugh. Hafele now has a 3D database which is awful to rummage through and the face counts get atrocious. Anyway-. being unable to resist a rabbit hole and to escape playing with Ruby and paperwork I put this together. Just needed a break.

      Base PO cabinet.plan
    • By HeartwoodRes
      Hey ChiefTalk, how's everyone doing?
      I'm trying to make a 7' tall frameless shower with a partial ponywall on one side and a curb under the rest, as shown in the attached picture.

      I've successfully created what I want with two different methods:
      1. Creating glass slab half walls at my desired height, then using soffits to create the ponywall and curb under the glass wall
      2. Using a pony wall, where the bottom half is the 6" tall curb and the top half is my 7' tall glass wall
      However, anytime I try to paint a new material onto the soffits (the correct tile finish), the glass wall cuts off half of the soffit, both on the curb and the ponywall (shown in second picture).

      Why would the material painter screw up my soffits? It’s not changing anything structurally, just the appearance of the soffits (Right?). I've been instructed both by the reference manual and other users on this forum to use soffits to create simplistic surfaces like this shower curb, so I'm a bit vexed.
      p.s. While we’re at it, if anyone has a suggestion for a better way to create a frameless glass shower like this, I’m all ears. This is simply the way that I figured out how to do it myself.
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      I am having major problems with the colors on both my screen AND printing.  I am using CA x10 Interiors and am trying to utilize the colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore catalogs in my designs.  However, the colors on screen and when I print look nothing like the actual colors.  Additionally, when I print the 3d elevations, the images are too dark, so I have to export them and then open and adjust in Photoshop.  I have a Dell P2717H (DP) monitor and it has been calibrated for color, screen resolution is 1920x1080.  Operating system is Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit, video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 with 4095MB memory.  It isn't just some plans, it is all plans.  Any help would be appreciated!!!!