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I've had a great design saved for about a month but suddenly can't access it. When I go to access it either opens a new plan or when I click on last saved or recover it takes me to an email screen to report a problem. How can I access my design. Anyone else have this issue. Related to upgrade?


Attached is screenshot I get when I try to go to last saved or recover

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The most likely reason for this is that once you update Room Planner, you are out of luck if you have been using 2015 version of one of their software products.  You must have 2016 version.  


A recent email from a sales person stated that an update for Room Planner was coming out and bragged about the improvements.  No information about needing to change your Home Designer or other software version.  


The upgrade itself on the App Store also gives no information about this.  You must dig through the support pages on this site.  You will then find a box that states:


"While the option to import Room Planner files is only available in X6 / 2015 and newer, Room Planner 4.0 files in the cloud can only be imported into X7 / 2016 or newer. If you have X6 / 2015, you will want to upgrade to X7 / 2016 before you complete the Room Planner 4.0 update". 

Thanks CA.  Would have been great if this was stated upfront.


Instead of stating this upfront, they have buried it on a support page that people will only find if they have a problem.  So, suppose you recently bought Home Designer 2015 from Amazon TWO MONTHS AGO to compliment your Room Planner experience, you are screwed. You must upgrade.  And they do not make any exceptions.


As you can probably tell, I am not pleased with this company right now.

That said, the sales person did do what he could and I did appreciate that. 

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