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FYI - I'm new to Chief Architect Home Designer 2016 and Room Planner iPad app. 

I created a simple plan (square room with a few wall and base cabinets) on room planner and saved it to the cloud (Green Cloud icon). I closed the app and reopened it to make sure the changes were saved. Then I go over to Home designer 2016 Architectural (Trial) and  -> create a new design -> and go to import and then "Import Room Planner File". I put in my credentials and see the designs I've. The thumbnail that is displayed for all my plans do show the rooms with the cabinets as it does in the iPad app. The issue is that when i select and import the file, I only see the outline of the room but not cabinets. I did a 3D perspective overview but I only see the walls. No cabinets at all. Am I doing something wrong or is this how the import feature is designed to work? Does it matter i'm using the Trial version of Home Designer? I even went ahead and saved a sample plan that was full of cabinets and rooms but same result. Attached are just a few images of what i see. Any other details needed just let me know.


Thanks in advance for the help everyone.



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Turns out the import from Room Planner iPad app is working as expected. I opened up a case with tech support and they confirmed. View info below.


"When you click on a file to import into Home Designer, however, only the walls, windows and doors are imported.

This occurs because the cabinets, furniture, accessories, and other 3D items between the two software packages (Home Designer & Room Planner) are different. The items within Home Designer have more surfaces thus producing greater detail when taking 3D views. With a mobile app, such as Room Planner, we try to keep the surface count lower on many of our items, thus sacrificing detail for performance."



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Might I suggest to programmers that there are two blocks made of each cabinet, appliance and furniture then? One for RP and one for CA, one low res and one higher res.  Just the basics that come with the standard Planner program, no downloadables.   So they can be imported with the design into CA and just get swapped out with the higher res items.  We can then swap them out with what we really want for the final drawings.  I think we would all be pretty happy with how Room Planner works with CA then.  Right now it's just a As-Built wall, door and window sketcher for those of us using CA.

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I completely agree to this suggestion. I would like to use the RP as a remodeler to also include the current cabinet layout so when I get back to the office to start using CA not only my walls pull in but the cabinets as well.


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