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Printing the design

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You can save your plan via save image then print it through AiO Print in HP. You can set the paper A4, A3, etc. sizes. There the printing is enlarge automatically.

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    • By PPRGLLC
      I usually print layouts on 24"x 36" paper so that is what my layout template is set up to do. A client wants to print on 11"x 17". When I change the size of the drawing sheet, it changes the paper size without adjusting the title boxes, notes, etc. Is there a way to resize the entire layout without creating a new layout template for 11" x 17" paper? 
    • By Robertto
      Has the Print Model function been removed from X11? I can't find it under the normal menu, File>Print>Print Model. 
    • By SNestor
      I'm working on a remodel of a house that is very small....and old. It is only about 1,000 SF.  My default text is Chief Blueprint @ 6".  This size font on such a small footprint seems way too large...but, I'm worried if I change it to 4"...and print the plan at 1/4" will the font be too small to read?  
      Maybe I should use a different font altogether?  
    • By HeartwoodRes
      Hey ChiefTalk,
      I'm getting an error message when attempting a layout print preview, instructing me to update the drivers on my printer. However, after verifying that all drivers are up to date, the "DPI = 0" error message still persists. Has anyone received this error message before? If not, is there another workaround I can employ here to get this printed? No matter what parameters I change on the Print Preview page or Drawing Sheet Setup page, the message persists.
      p.s. Our T520 is in proper working condition and prints full ARCH D size plans from our main computer, but this is the first attempt to use it from this computer.
      Thanks for your time everyone.

      I've come across, but rarely, a CAD drawing in pdf format that has the ability to turn of individual layers. Does anyone know if Chief can do this? Or is it a specific PDF print driver? 
      I tried it a few times with an ADOBE printer driver but no go.
      I thought it might be useful in the field on a 2 in 1 folding Chromebook. My Samsung Chromebook Plus is a life saver and I find new uses for it all the time.