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I'm trying to work on an apartment that exists over two levels. They're not a whole floor apart but you go down some stairs to the back of the apartment so it sits about half a floor lower where the kitchen and bathroom are. Is it not possible to use this app for this?

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If you are using the app by itself, There is no way to have multiple floor levels at this time.If you are going to load into chief architects primary software, either X6 or home designer, you can make a copy, and use text annotations to identify floor elevations.


Hope this answers the question



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    • By Ravenquills
      Hi everyone:
      I am having an issue with a split level. I am using Chief X11.
      The plan i posted does not have foundations since when i add those things get really weird and I think I need to sort out the issue with the levels first or the foundation will never build right. I have a room that is going to be garage however no matter how i define it the door from that room into the main house is above the level of the ceiling. see attached photo. I have also attached the plan. The exterior walls are a sip wall customized according to the manufactures specifications with a layer for the furred interior walls. The total thickness on those walls is 10 5/8" The interior wall is a customized interior wall that is load bearing for use in certain areas of the design.
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      OK so I have wrestled with this house for waaaaaayyy too long.  Still, the room over the room is fighting me.  I think I am getting close.  
      This is an as-built design, with a new flat roof over a storage space in the garage to give the client stand up space in the storage room.
      The house is complex and I have not even begun to work on the basement which has two floors.  One of the floors contains a built-in swimming pool.  That should be fun.  There is a basement level under the garage as well.  
      The storage room over the garage has a crawl space on the right side of the room when viewed from the front of the house.  I have included a couple of screenshots so that you can get an idea of where I am trying to go with this.

      There are a few other problems that I am having with walls not stopping at intersections on interior surfaces and exterior surfaces as well.
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    • By Doug_N
      Wow I seem to get all the jobs that are really difficult to do in CA. 
      Maybe it is just me, and I don't have a grasp of how to do unusual things yet.  I don't know.
      In any case can someone please tell me how to do this floor area?  The room is a split level from other floor areas in the house.  And the ceiling IN THE ROOM is split level.  Arrrgggg.  Sure would be nice if I could do a poly wall with half of it invisible.  Can that be done?  Any suggestions would be very welcome.   
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      I have a split level home, how can i add a room/floor above the garage in my plan. I have Room Planner on my ipad.
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      I recently picked up a gig redesigning a “metal building”.  The building isn’t and hasn’t been rented for some time and the realtor wants to build out for another possible client.  All good...  So, I’ve done a few home designs using wood and only one story. This building is metal and has multiple stories.  If anyone has tips or resources dealing with Chief and light commercial that would be beneficial.  I’d like to not screw this up and build good rapport with the customer and contractor.  TIA