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Adjust wall height

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stager386 -


It's not possible to adjust WALL height, but you can make a wall invisible, and then add a 'Shape' from the Core Catalog>Architectural>Shapes selection.  I will typically use the 'Box 36in High' and then adjust the height to be the height of the wall I am seeking.


I know it's a bit more work, but will the Box work for you? 



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That's a great idea or explanation and I don't mean to hijack this thread but would you happen to know how to make a wing wall. A wall that does not connect with another wall?

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    • By Quickchevys
      Alright, So I am building a house and need 14' ceilings in the garage. I got the outline of the house and interior walls done for the 1st and 2nd floor. I did default setting for everything and now I need to change everything.(first timer doing this design thing) I realized that I needed to change the ceiling height in the garage to 14' instead of the default 9'. I have living space above the garage so every time I up the height it goes into the rooms above. I need to know how to lower the floor of the garage itself to allow for the higher ceilings. I'm thinking this is the same as doing a tri-level house but I can't find anything on that. To break it down a little more I need to have the garage floor about 4' lower then the main level floor to have bigger ceilings in the garage then the house but still allow the second floors floor to line up flat.
      I also need to up the wall height on both floors and basement from default to 10'. Is there a way to do them all at once or do i have to do it wall by wall?
      Also I had an issue trying to separate the garage sections to differ the height. I tried to cut the garage in half and just up the height on one side and it for some reason would up the height on both sides. I tried room dividers, walls, redefining the spaces, and anything I could think of but they must be grouped together somehow.
      I have no idea if all this can be done easily or if I should call it a good first draft and start over again.
      Thanks in advance.
      edit: here is the plan 1st draft.plan
    • By Coin_Slot
      Hello, I'm Jeremy and this is my first post.
      I have used other cad programs in the past, and have recently switched to Chief Architect Premier x6. 
      I am currently trying to model a 130 farm house in order to design an addition that looks as well as it functions.  The problem that i am currenty having is in reguards to wall heights.  The house is a story and a half, the parts of the house that have a story above have 9' ceilings, and in the back of the house is a previous addition from years ago that has 8' ceilings.  I understand the concept where the wall height is a direct dirivitive of the ceiling height.  The problem that is stumping me is that every time i change the ceiling height of one section, it affects the rest of the rooms on that same level.  I haven't had this problem in the past with other programs and i'm sure this is "duh" fix.  Thank you in advance for your help!