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Hello guys,

I've just finished my new project and I need to make some changes in it keeping my original version as an option to compare them afterwards.

I'm not able to save as another file. Could you guys explain me how to do this?

I believe it's simple and very useful for all members.

Please, I'm still waiting for some good news.



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Best way to do a "save as" is to make a "copy" of the original file, and then rename it a different name. like plan 1 to plan 2. You can do this by hitting the "folder Icon" in the bottom corner of the screen, then tap the plan you would like to copy. Above will be a popup window that will allow you to copy that file by tapping the "2 papers" icon. Then, change the name by using the "change name icon" in the same popup tool bar. Should look like a "I..." with a box around it. The all that is left is make your changes in the renamed, copied file.


Hope this helps

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