Seeking services in San Antonio, Texas


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Seeking services to pick up where someone else left off. Must have X9 or higher. Simple design. Most of the work is complete. I just need to make some minor adjustments and have access to some insights from time to time. I would prefer someone actually located in San Antonio. Call or text 540-664-6499. Ray

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On 5/15/2018 at 12:35 AM, classicdesigns said:

I can help feel free to give me a call if you have not found anyone.  On line meetings work well!



Annette, is by far one of the best!

Please use me a reference to her capabilities and any further 

questions, can be answered by myself.



Douglas Burgmann

Accurate Asbuilts & Design

in SW Florida


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Hello Doug, 


I have been using Chief Architect since version 2, and one of my customs home is published on Chief Architect ver. X9.  Not only do i have 25 years of construction background, I have designed many of custom homes... and also developed a subdivision.   I have been with chief for 9 years and love the software.  In addition, check out the link below, I have been working with Gordon Barons (a builder-remodeler) for over 7 years; our work was published on TV in Canada.  Check out the before and after pictures.


Thanks for the compliment!



Annette Sokoll

User group instructor


Senior Designer


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