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Hey all. So heres my issue; I drew up this really old house recently. I believe the main house was mid to late 1800's. The first floor has different ceiling heights in each room, even in the same room in one case. So in order to draw it I set the floor structure thickness, and changed the thickness of the ceiling finish as needed. In the room in question I had to add over 9 inches to the finish. Overall I think it worked out pretty well. The issue is that theres one door where I can see what I can only assume is two ceiling planes in the wall above and below the header of a door. The resaon I assume its a ceiling plane is that it is the same thickness as the ceiling finish. I haven't the slightest idea how or why this happened, so I'm hoping one of you will. It was all done in x10. What do you think?


Also if you have a better suggestion on how to tackle differing ceiling heights I'd love to hear them. The second floor is level throughout.



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28 minutes ago, solver said:

Uncheck Flat Ceiling Over This Room and draw in your own ceiling plane.



Thanks for the response Eric. Do you thin I should do that in that one room, or all the rooms with weird ceiling heights?



So I did that in the room in your pic and it worked. No idea what caused this still but it worked. I'm confused because that wasn't the room that it was taking the ceiling thickness from.

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