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I am posting this as FYI, and it has to do with the creation of ICF walls.  I have been learning Chief and Revit at the same time, and the one thing that I really like about Chief over Revit is that Chief does have default ICF walls, whereas Revit does not.  You have to create your ICF walls in Revit.  I was just amazed that Autodesk did not have this OOTB functionality.

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    • By stevenyhof
      Hello, I'm trying to draw some ICF walls, how do I get rid of the sill plate and space?
      Thank you
    • By tswitos
      I have two questions.
      1. I used ICF blocks on a footer to build my foundation wall, and the bottom of the first ICF block should mate with the top of the footer.  However, when you look at the attached image, the first ICF block is very narrow, and I placed red marks through the top of the first ICF blocks.  How can this be corrected?
      2. How can I make the floor joist part of the foundation wall?  Notice how the floor joists are above the ICF foundation wall.  Thanks in advance.

    • By tswitos
      I have been watching a lot of Chief training videos on how to make walls, foundations, and floor joists, and I am trying to figure out a way to integrate joist hangers into the ICF wall to connect the floor joists.  In the real world, the footer is poured first, then the ICF wall erected, reinforced, joist hangers inserted, and braced, then concrete poured into the ICF wall.  The ICF wall will start on the footer and rise all the way up to the ceiling of the room, (and this will include the encapsulated crawl space), for example, 13 feet high.  And the joist hangers will be, for example, 3 feet above the footer.  Can Chief do this?  Thanks in advance.
      I have inserted an example of an ICF with a floor joist attached.

      I found this image from an older post, and it shows one type of hanger that comes with Chief (ICF wall ledger at floor), but that is not in my library.

    • By tswitos
      When drawing a 3-sided ICF wall with a footer, it appears to work fine.  But when I add the fourth wall, make it 4-sided, it looks like a slab.  Please see the below images for clarity.  How can I fix this?  Thanks.