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    • By Doug_N
      So here I am trying to make some winder stairs.  I create the stairs, move them into a corner, turn off the railings and click on the stairs to open them, then click on the winder check mark.  Nothing happens.  What am I doing wrong?    
      Renovation Plan Original House.plan
    • By cpatullo
      Hello - new here.
      Wondering if there is a different method to be used when creating winders in HD Architect 2017.
      I've looked, and I never get the check-box for winders to show up.
      Any help would be great!
    • By Draftsmith
      Can I start a staircase with winders? Like the photo attached? With the angled pieces at the bottom/start of the stairs going up? 

    • By lgriao
      Try to do a railing(Painels) over a stair with winders turned on. Is pathetic waste all the day looking for a workaround and see that you can't do that.
      You use invisible wall to define the stair limit, so you use railing tool to make railing painels and turn on follow stair. You can't make your stair ignore the railing to define the limit of the winders.
      People who made this tool probably do not use the software.
      Extend Stringer Top is useless if this can't reach the ceiling.
    • By wok_cz
      I am trying to create U shaped winder stairs.
      This is what I got so far: 

      I used two sets of straight stairs and then with CAD polylines I created the triangle shaped steps used "Convert Polyline" > to > "Landing".
      But after looking at some real U shaped stairs pictures on google I noticed that in some stairs the winders are not triangles but quadrilaterals that are narrower on one side (something like this), making the step depth a little bigger, which seems to make the stairs more comfortable to climb.
      Does anyone with experience in building (real life) stairs has any tips about if using quadrilateral steps instead of triangles would be better? Or any reading material to learn the maths involved in creating this type of stairs in chief?

      Having in mind that my two set of stairs will not have a space between each other. (like this, but with winders instead of a landing)