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What is the best way to draw a curved granite counter top on top of a half wall?  For instance a bar top that is 16" wide 1-1/4" thick overhanging 2" to the inside of the curve on top of a 42" half wall.  I can't seem to adjust the auto cap to be offset to the 2" on the one side.  The counter top command does not seem to draw curves.  Do you have to draw it using poly lines?


Thanks for the help.

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Turning on Show Arc Centers and Ends will help too so you can center the Wall Arc and the Custom Countertop Arc on top off each other , the use the Wall Arc Radius to work out the Radius of the Countertop.


Actually I just found it easier to use the CAD Arc lines ( Polyline Tool ) and make two Arcs and then join them and convert to a counter-top

ie if wall is 60" outside Radius set the inner arc to 53.5" radius and the outer arc Radius to 70"  (very approximate for a 16" C.Top. and 4 1/2 wide wall)


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