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    • By pgjacob
      I am trying to create an address sign using a square polyline solid and REMOVING text from the square like in the attached image.  I know I can subtract other simple polyline solids, but how do I subtract a letter or number?  Chief Architect tech support had no solution.
      Thanks in advance

    • By robdyck
      Is there way to make a schedule of polyline solids? For example, several exterior trim objects created using p-solids and on their own layer. It would be handy to be able to create a schedule of items on a particular layer set.
    • By Aamir77
      Want to make sewage path. Made the PVC lines with polyline solid cylinder tool but unable to make a cylinder 90* bend. Please HELP
    • By Aamir77
      I am facing a problem and need your kind guidance in fixing the issue. I have made an architectural block and have stored it into my user catalogue for future installations which is a window grill.i have made a triple story house and on first and second floor grill is installed with the windows but on third floor whenever I try to fit in the grill with the window it disappears in camera view but remains present in plan view.what could be the cause?
    • By pgjacob
      Hi All,
      I am trying to create a hole in a polyline solid.  I followed the directions on CA but get the error attached.  I am trying to make my pool scuppers look right by adding in a hole inside the scupper.
      And on a side note, 3Dwarehouse has some neat things.  I always get tickled when I see those little water streams with the splash in the pool from the scuppers.  Great find at 3D warehouse.  But some things seem to be geared toward gaming, like finding a horse that had nothing to do with Roman warriors was a challenge, but I found a really nice one (pic also attached).
      But any other free sources of good 3d objects?