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Trying to show cabinet numbers. Is there a setting somewhere to move them to the front-i.e. display "on top"?

In plan I can move them around enough so that they show but in some cases the ideal location is such that they get covered in part or in whole by another object.


Where I'm really having trouble is in elevation. Thanks to Glenn I took a shelf (which despite being in the cabinet tools doesn't show in the cabinet schedule-stupid) and made an arch block and put it on the cabinet schedule- great. In elevation the number dissapears whenever I turn on the "molding layer". It doesn't matter where I put the number. Any fix?




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The way it is working is based on what is displayed (actually visible) in your section view.  Even if, with moldings off, you drag the label down into an area where it should be visible.  I put the shelf on the wall cabinets layer and it still behaves the same way.  Maybe you could do a small cross section through the shelf and put a manual callout in there to show the shelf.



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Thanks Curt- I see what it is doing. I need the callout on the elevation for the cabinet co.- had another where the cabinet was turned sideways with the same result.

Ended up just adding a callout with the number.

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If you use a "Wall Cabinet" with a blank front and then add Moldings to it you can get the form you want and it will appear in the Cabinet Schedule and will have a label.


Essentially, you're creating a Soffit but Chief's Soffits don't appear as cabinets in the schedule.


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You don't need to manually add your own callouts.  You just need to force the callout to show.


The callouts and labels only show when the cabinet (or other object) is actually visible on the screen.  If you need to see a callout when the object is being blocked by another object you can always force it to show up.  The trick is that you need to select the object to open the spec dialog while in the view where you want to see it.  I usually use the delete surface tool until I can select the object.  Once selected, open the dialog, go to the label tab and check the option to always show the callout in the current view.  You can also turn off a callout that is showing when you don't want it to using the same method.


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