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I set my drawing sheet to ANSI D (22"x34") and hit OK. The I go to the layout sheet to print, say my floor plan sheet, and I hit 11"x17" for paper size and my drawing scale @ Check Plot 1/2" scale and it is giving my an error. It says oversized drawing sheet even though I set it to the (22"x34") which at 1/2 of that it is 11"x17". So why am i having this issue? I use X9 Premier. I don't want to print on the sheet with (fit to page, that will make it not to scale). I have also included two pics.  Thanks in advance.

Print 1.jpg

Print 2.jpg

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It kinda looks like that is the issue in the print preview.  You might try bumping it by changing it to a different size say OK then open back up change it back again.  Otherwise maybe tech support on Monday.  Not sure what else it might be.

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I am wanting to print from the layout sheet.


Under the plan itself it is set as follow: Drawing sheet set to = ANSI D (22" x 34" ) Scale: 1/4"


Under the layout sheet print window box: Printer paper = (11' x 17") Print source: ARCH D (24" x 36" ) Check Plot at 1/2" scale.


I DO NOT know why while under the layout sheet the print source is set to ARCH D and not the correct one: ANSI D. That's what I am on here asking about it. Again I want to print from the layout sheet.

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Yea I just saw that and sure enough it was the wrong size: ARCH D so I just changed it to the correct size I want: ANSI D but when I did that, the sheet itself shrunk down and the borders I have and all the text on the right side is all set too large. Is there an easy way to re-size all that?

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From Page 0 Marquee select everything and go to Transform and Replicate and Resize by .9166 and be careful not to select the paper, by turning off the Drawing Sheet first, and then maybe you will only have to fix the left side borders manually.

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