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21 hours ago, mattradk said:

Someone else is doing the structural plans. I've only been asked to produce an outside view of what it will look like based on the plans and elevations. I've already been told that the building will change from what I have now.

If structure doesn't matter you can set the exterior walls to balloon through ceiling above, at least that works on a simple box in X9-I had more luck NOT doing all the exterior walls at once for some odd reason and I did not try just changing the default structure. Anyway, worth a shot.

screen 007.png

screen 006.png

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1 hour ago, mattradk said:

I'd have to try it.  I was relaying on the presence of a 2nd floor to locate window positions ("distance of top from floor" in the dialog box) and doors ("Floor to bottom" in the dialog box).

It has two floors 

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