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    • By robdyck
      Shouldn't a schedule create a logical order automatically? For example, if the first column is "FLOOR" shouldn't they be in order from smallest to largest? If column 2 is "ROOM NAME" shouldn't they be alphabetical? I'm sure they used to be this way... what am I missing? The attached image is of a 'fresh' schedule. It seems pretty random to me.

    • By Evolution
      My search of the forum didn’t bring a topic up addressing this particular question. How do I adjust the size of a perspective view before I send it to layout? Is that in editing the active camera settings?
      When is end to layout it is so small you can’t see any detail. Grabbing the drag handle and doing a concentric enlarge makes the view blurred. I know it is a simple answer, but I haven’t found it yet?
    • By Evolution
      I managed to get one Barrel vault modeled, but attempting the same on the other side of the room (mirror image) is not working.  I even tried copy reflect about that didn't work for ME either.  It might work for you, if it does please explain what made the difference.
      I Checked the structure, on that side and it is the same as the side I was able to model.  I even copied the settings of the first (successful vault and pasted them in) unless something changed and I didn't catch it???
      The Video I watched showed the same steps I followed and that worked fine on the first one, so why won't it work on the other? The space is the same identical area, only difference is coming into the barrel from the living room side has two (cased openings) the other side coming from the great room has a pair of doors, then into the barrel vault going out into the 2-way cathedral vault (which will be complete when I finally add the second floor above and make that space open below). I was waiting on modeling the second floor since the Owner has made a gzillion floor plan changes just on the first floor. He explained to day (after a dozen emails and texts) that he is "Design OCD"!!!!
      Thanks for any direction given. 

    • By Evolution
      I know this is simple for most of you, but doesn't seem to be working for me.  I set my default for the exterior doors to be "elliptical arched", after several attempts cannot get the doors to have elliptical heads although the frames themselves are. So I know I will look "stupid" for asking help for such a simple task. I tried these topic searches but didn't yield a lot of help.
      I actually do my best to solve my own issues (learning tips and tricks from others)……..and you'd think something this simple...….;the only thing I can come up with is creating a custom door symbol (surely not?)  (EDIT the forum won't let me upload the plan file?). I even drag it into the file upload window but nothing happens. No error message nothing> the plan file is only 18,876 kb so not sure why I can't upload to the forum? 

    • By Michaelx
      Ver X8. Here's what I'm trying to do. A floating soffit (12" below ceiling) with complex shape and rounded corners. I seems you can't make rounded corners on a soffit. No problem. I can do what I need with polyline solid or custom counter top and it comes out just like I want, but I can't place a recessed ceiling light in/under either of those. I've changed the layer to Cabinet, Soffit but still can't place a light.