Exterior/Interior Door Symbols - How Much Detail?

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I'm working on a kit of parts to make building man door symbols easier.


This is a raised panel symbol consisting of a raised panel and the profile typically cut into the styles and rails.




Insert this into a hole (or holes) in a slab (polyline solid) to form a door.





Question 1.


Would anyone find this useful?


Question 2.


How much detail would you like to see? 


Different profiles?




Library with the door panel, completed door -- both shown in blue above, along with the 2 doors in brown above.


The brown doors were built differently, like a wood door with profiled styles and rails.


Demo Doors A.calibz


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It would depend on the materials. 

  • If it was to be a wood grain then I would want the rails and styles to be separate pieces. 
  • If it was to be painted then I would want separate materials for each side.
  • There could be a case where I would want both of the above.


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On 8/18/2017 at 2:30 PM, solver said:


Insert this into a hole (or holes) in a slab (polyline solid) to form a door.

Hey Eric- have you looked into building with inset wall cabinet instead of solid? easier to control the rails and stile.

Using "side panel inset".

Then you only have to make the panel-from a p-solid and a 3D molding pline. Any molding profile, edge detail or panel raise is part of that created with the molding pline. (though I have a couple of door symbols that are mullions for occasional use. Can be a bit challenging aligning moldings to the panel but with a front section and another cutting through the middle it's doable. Whenever I make one I save it making it easier to just swap out molding profiles for new ones. I mostly use this for cabinet doors but the principals are the same.


If glass is a consideration then make the panel a different material than the molding to begin with. I posted some stuff back a ways as a door kit plan for kitchens.

For a standard door cabinet back matches front.

For different material on each side then two cabinets set back to back -back of cabinets are openings, all wrapped in a frame symbol made from faces (in case the line between the two cabinets bothers you.

screen 005.png

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