I rarely work with stairs, so when I do, I don't mind a bit of extra work to get them correct.   Here is the stair, complete for this exercise.     Start by placing a 1 click stair in the plan. Note the number of treads.   Here I needed 17, and the tread depth is 11".   I wanted sections with 8, 4 and 3 treads, and 2 landings.   The stairs are 42" wide, so the landings are 42"x42" and 42"x88-1/2"   Remove the railings, then set any other options, width etc. Railings are only removed to make the Point-to-Point move easier.   Make 2 copies of the stairs and edit them all to have the required number of treads.   Draw in any walls, spacing them to accommodate the stairs.   Draw and position Polylines the size of the landings (shown in purple). The polylines give the stair sections something to snap to.   The polyline needs a break between 2 stair sections attached to a single segment.     Use Point-to-Point Move to move each section, snapping to the polyline (landing).   Select each Polyline and convert to a Landing, starting at the bottom and working up. Or just place a landing between the stair sections.     Using this method, all the pieces are aligned and the correct size when complete.    If I think something will change, I make a copy in place of the landing polylines. Deleting the landing frees the stair section and makes for easy changes.   Add rails as required. Control Select to select an individual stair section.