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    • By Kim-Prima
      I'm relatively new to chief. I'm a licensed builder who spends more time with a hammer than CAD, but my husband has been obsessed with building things for the Virtual Reality system (he is a computer scientists). He has been working to get the Chief .plan file into Sketchfab and Unity (mostly so he can make zombies run around our clients houses in VR).  He told me that he would like to get some other real .plan files to test out. He has played with the demo ones from Chief but he wanted to use some real-world ones (the demo ones are super clean wrt textures, materials, and walls).
      So if you have a .plan and want him to convert it into VR just reply to this and he will reply with a link to sketchfab and a .Zip file for you to play a higher resolution on a windows or mac (let him know what you have).  
      Please note - this is not a service offering.  We do not do VR as a business. This is simply messing around and having fun. I'm sure their are people out there who will do this for a living that have much better equipment and experience... If you view this as a professional offering and not just having fun, I suggest you look elsewhere.
      He said he would like to do 2-3... so the first 2 or 3 .plan files (URL to dropbox, etc) will be worked on. 
    • By jrussell
      Hi all. I'm exporting a client's model as a 3DS file to import into SketchUp Pro 2015 so I can render it with Vray. I like Chief's rendering options, I'm just exploring some different client interface vectors.
      Here's a screenshot of the 3DS model after I opened it in Sketchup:
      Any idea as to the cause of the missing wall?
      (Also, how do I add an image/thumbnail straight into my post without having to attach it for a download?)
    • By ThomasFg
      Just an FYI:I own a small cabinet shop, but sometimes it's difficult to manage the time and to deal with all the orders and numerous customers' questions and I decided to find a software (something not expensive) to help me with my mess. 
      So, on a forum I come across online soft for designing cabinets and calculating their cost, it's called Online 3D kitchen constructor. I got in touch with the manager of the software company. He offered me 3 packages of different price and features and I chose the cheapest one to begin with. They helped me to customise it to my needs and to build some cabinets with a cabinets maker tool, very soon I got up to speed. And I must say I was pretty satisfied by its performance and the way it helped me. So I switched to the business version, as it allows me to work with the dealers and control the prices of the cabinets. I can check my customers' projects and help them more efficiently with their ideas.

      For the time being I've used the soft for 2 years and I don't want to look for something different yet.

      PS: I'm just using the software for my own business and I have no relationship to the company that develops it. It's just a useful information for those who may be looking for some advice.

      Here's a link:http://prodboard.eu/kitchen/
    • By sirwilliam
      I have created a simple 3D model in Blender, and am trying to now import it into chief X5 as a 3ds. I've done this before with other models (which were successful), but this one is giving me no end of trouble.
      I've been battling with various settings in both Blender and chief and I still can't get it to look right. I have enabled "Cull Layered Transparent Surfaces" in the object properties which improved the situation, but it still looks like this, with the wheels showing through the body (no matter which angle you view from). As you can see from the screenshot, it is shown in the preview window without a problem at all.
      Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing it or how I could set the model up differently to avoid this issue?