How to maintain roof framing after deleting roof plane?


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Hey all,

Anyone found a way to do this?  I tried copying and renaming, but when the roof plan is deleted, the framing gets deleted?  


I thought it would be a faster way to make an arbor, but not..


Curious if it can be done?


Thank you,


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I often do this.

There are a couple of ways I do it.

1. Ensure you un-tick all the auto roof framing check boxes so they become manual framing members.


2. Make a glass roof plane that will be invisible in 3d views.


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Yes!  I think Eric may have the best approach.  I was doing it in the wrong order:  The correct method is: Create roof plane, frame roof plane, copy framing, delete, roof plane, then paste framing back.  


I was pasting then deleting roof plane..even when renamed to a different layer the framing deletes when you delete the original roof plan after pasting.   


Copy Framing--Delete roof plane--paste framing...simple..Thank you all. 

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