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    • By Renerabbitt
      Just sharing some of my go-to symbols as I sort through my own library...enjoy!
      Includes a Architectural Block for Resizing

      Picture Frame Collection 1.calibz
    • By Renerabbitt
      Just sharing some of my go-to symbols as I sort through my own library...enjoy!
      please let me know if the controller texture is not included

      Adjustable Workstation Desk.calibz
    • By CAJdraw
      I am using Chief x8.  When using the 'Export Picture' function, there is an 'Export Picture' dialog box, which allows the user to specify 'Image Size' & 'Image Properties' settings.  Is there a way to specify default settings for these attributes, so that I don't have to specify them each time I export a picture?
    • By Ridge_Runner
      There is a current thread going about post frame buildings. I just yesterday picked up a client who wants basically the same thing that OP did. I didn't want to hijack that thread so I started a new one.
      The client and I are in disagreement (so what's new about that?) about the way the columns (6x6 PT southern yellow pine) are installed at grade. He wants to just dig hole, put them in, and 'fill-er up with dirt'! In our non-code area, the frost line is only 12" and the "good-old boy way" it's usually done is fill the hole with concrete after the post is set. I prefer to use a pier form like Bigfoot or similar with a Simpson column base. How do you guys who design-build pole barns normally install the columns? This project will be a utility building so more budget conscious.
      Thanks, Mike
    • By CBuserIndia
      I am super confused about inserting / importing images inside layout.

      For example

      I have a picture image-test.jpg, 1200 x 840 pixel . image attached.

      If I open new layout & insert image-test.jpg. FILE->IMPORT->IMPORT PICTURE (BMP,JPG,PNG)

      As seen in 1.jpg, image is overlapping label box of my layout.

      In a fresh new empty layout, if I zoom out one level. Layout window looks small in size, check 2.jpg

      Now if insert image-test.jpg here, it overlaps complete layout, see image 3.jpg, infact image-test.jpg is almost double the size of layout window.

      I am aware that it is possible to pull/push corner & re-size image, so that it fits in to layout window, but is that right thing to do ?
      Do I loose quality/clarity of image if I re-size it to fit in-to layout size ?
      What is best practice of importing picture into layout window?