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When attempting to do a full overview of my project, I get an extremely small image and cannot zoom in or rotate house to get the image I want. This is because somewhere on my plan is an object that I cannot see. It is in the distant plan. Does anyone know how to find the object in order to delete it? I have managed to find one small puck light that went into never never land but there must be another because I am not able to zoom in.

Thanks Mary Anne

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Mary Anne,

Here's what I typically do...

  1. While in plan view switch to your All On layer set.
  2. Make sure all the layers are actually turned on by going into your Layer Display Options, clicking Select All, and then checking Display.
  3. Hit Control + A (or Edit>Select All).  If you do this one floor at a time, you should eventually find that your selection includes something way out in the distance.  Pan and zoom to the outside corners of that selection box till you find your culprit.  NOTE:  You can optionally hit F6 (or Window>Fill Window) after selecting all but I find that it's just as easy to just zoom out with your mouse wheel....besides, if you manually zoom out till you can see your whole selection, you will be much more familiar with where you are in the plan.


Depending on how many stray objects you have and where they are located, you may need to repeat step 3 for one or more floors.  Hope that helps.

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