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I have searched previous posts, and do not see what I am looking for.


- I have default window Trimmer set to 1 (quantity).


Here is the problem.

- on a 2'8" wide window, that is not a problem. (1 Trimmer)

- on a 5'4" wide (twin 2'8") window, i need 2 trimmers. So now I manually change count to 2.


But on the latest house, I overlooked making the change, The framer used my header length (1 trimmer), and today he is tearing out the headers and replacing it 3" longer. $$


Is there any way to set trimmer count based on opening size (similar to header size)? Lets say, a window/door opening over 5' spans automatically changes trimmers to (2)



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Place a note on your plan indicating the trimmer specification.  Add another for framer to determine rough opening based on window manufacturer specifications.  Your indication of an exact header length is asking for trouble.

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I would never specify cut header lengths- way too many variables in the field.

Only header size and material.

Depending on the actual window or door configuration for multiple units, the framer may span 1 header across multiple openings and that length would dictate multiple trimmers at the ends when in reality the actual spans do not require them.


In my plan notes I have specs for number of trimmers based on clear rough opening span and header size.


Coming from a long time framer -the carpenter on your project should have known better than to go off of cut header lengths called out on a plan.

It was always my responsibility to make sure that I had the proper RO's framed for the units to be installed.

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