Section camera label text size? How?


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So I take a section view.

I can control the size of the arrow. 

I can control the text size in the arrow. 

But, how do I control the text size of the label under the arrow?


I'm pretty sure I used to do this through

> default 

> text, callouts and markers 

I wish I could just right click on the damn label and change its defaults from there. 

Like with so many other default settings. 

(Sorry I'm venting here)

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Camera was on wrong layer...

I was changing text size for a text style that wasn't being used by my section cameras. 

I need to open my eyes more. 

Just click on the camera and the text style it uses is in the active layer pane.


I was jumping to the default setting without noticing which text style was associated with that camera. 


I need a break

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