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Are there any other users that are located near Sudbury, MA?  My name is Emily, I'm a designer at Sudbury Home Improvement, a local Design-Build Remodeling & Construction company here in Sudbury.  We are interested in setting up a meeting/get together to discuss chief architect (chat, share tips & knowledge, etc.) with other people in the area.  If you are interested, don't hesitate to reach out so we can get something going! 




The Sudbury Home Improvement Team

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Our small interior design and project management firm is looking for other local (Boston area) Chief users who may have an interest in a shared training group with a Chief instructor.  Chief users with similar skill levels (and deficiencies) could economize, while sharing information and learning together.  We are located on the North Shore.  We are planning to attend the Boston training classes on April 4-5.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity to meet and network with other C.A. users



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We are a Kitchen & Bath Dealer in Carver, Ma looking for someone to come train our designer onsite to use CA. We have a training room w/ projector. We only have our 1 license for Premiere. Presenters that have 2020 expr is a huge plus. Not so much looking to get out of the training deigning of K&B's, but we are looking to focus on the K&B Presentations and using the program for K&B.


Looking to get out of the training;


Better ease while working on floorplans

Any Timesaving tips 

ease of use w/ elevations

Showing dimensions that are pertinent

Electrical/lighting plans

Tile plans

Plumbing plans


Cabinetry tips and tricks

Any remodeling tips and tricks

As-Built plans / Old floor plan to new floorplan

Rendering tips and tricks 


Looking for onsite training probably 1 day session to start preferably during the week, 6 - 8 hours then more as needed in the following weeks after first session. Please email Paul@southcoastkitchens.com w/ quotes a little about your exp. w/ CA and availability. We will provide lunch. 


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