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Is there a way to adjust the depths of drawer boxes in a specific cabinet.  I want to show in a section view a shallow drawer box to accommodate an outlet.

Thanks for any tricks in achieving this.

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Sorry,  no...you do not have that tool.  You may just have to use one of the other methods after all.


I think the next best option for you is probably going to be sending your cross section view to layout as Plot Lines and then using the Edit Layout Lines tool.  Here's a quick video...



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 Change existing cabinet drawer to a false drawer and draw a polyline in the section view for your drawer box.

Attached is a drawer box symbol if you really want 3D (dunno why)

Really think about getting premier. I ended up with Interiors for a while and it ticked me off (had already spent the money elsewhere) Thankfully I had TurboCad for stuff like this but a big PIA.

Finally if you are doing this to permit phone charging? If so take a look at these-made to go into a drawer and solves it all.


Drawer box.calibz

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