Where are controls for deck posts when adding stairs?


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Open the stair dbx and go to Style...options.

Uncheck Automatic Rail Openings.

You will need to delete the auto opening that Chief has placed in the rail.

You can also change this in the defaults.

You will need to control you rail openings by using doors, invisible wall sections, etc.


It is actually the rail opening that determines the location of the posts, and the rail opening is placed by the stairs.


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That explains it!

Are you suggesting I create an invisible door opening or wall where I want the stairs to be? I'm not sure how to create either of those.


Maybe I'm over thinking this, but if I want a rail opening when adding a stair, but don't want to add more posts shouldn't there be an uncheck for that as well?



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Thank you everyone! The videos really helped! Your comment, Joey, is central to the situation. The circumstances here are that my friends whose home it is have contracted with a "shell" building company who had agreed to build it on site since it is larger than their normal projects. The builder is telling my friends that he will be putting up 5 posts. They are wanting to work with him, but as yet no one is getting into the nitty gritty details. 


If you look at the attached file you can see that the doorway definitely needs to be considered in the solution.


My first choice would be to center the 5 foot stairs on the doorway and make it 6 posts. Each side would have equally sized sections. Only the distance between the newel posts on each side of the stair would be unique and narrower.


Another factor is that the builder wants to use 4x4 posts.


The solution you came up with Glenn illustrates what five posts only would create. 


If they go that route what size vertical member would the rail die into? I think it will be a bit messy.


I don't want my friends to blindly agree on a set number of posts without considering the ramifications of that decision.


You have all been quite helpful as I now know how to control the newel post locations by using the break wall command and changing wall definitions. I would not have thought of that at this stage of my CA journey!


Thanks again!


8x40 - 5 post deck.JPG

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