How to maintain color dimensions and cad, but maintain colorless view


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I'm sure I'm going crazy but I could have sworn that I could send an elevation to layout with the color off (greyscale) but have my cad lines, dimensions, and text maintain their color. 


Was I dreaming this? 

Or is this not possible?


First image is what I would like in layout and not the all grey second image. 


Color cad Elevation Grey.png

Grey cad Elevation Grey.png


I know I could send as line drawing to achieve this but then I have to mess with line weights. I find vector view with the color toggled off gives better line weights out of the box. Which is the real issues. 

...I think?

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1 hour ago, joey_martin said:

Layer Sets. You need to set the materials to the gray scale you want, then let the layer set control everything else when sent to layout.


Also...check the settings for the layout page. You may have the color turned off in the layout.

I don't want the patterns in vector view but I do want colour for my text, dimensions, and cad. 

When I uncheck "color" in the "View" menu, it removes the color from the patterns but at the same time it makes my text, dimensions, and cad colorless as well. 

I can't seem to control this through layer sets. I thought I could. 


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20 minutes ago, rlackore said:

Like Joey says, send to layout using Plot Lines, then select the Layout Box, open the Layout Box Layers dbx, and define a Layerset to make your annotations in color, but everything else greyscale:



Ok thanks,

I was not sending as Plot Lines but rather a Live View. (Which is quicker) 

I got the result by simply unchecking "Color Fill" in the Send to Layout DBX. 


Can you tell me what settings for "Scaling" and "Plot Line Options" should be? 

1) use layout line scaling?

2) use edge line defaults?

3) use pattern line defaults?

4) merge generated lines?


I'm suspecting I have bad settings here because whenever I use send view to layout as Plot Lines, my computer tends to launch itself into a very time consuming calculation of ..."creating Plot Lines", panel "calculating panel heights" etc...

We're talking 30 seconds to send to layout. My raytraces are shorter. 

What am I doing wrong?

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Anyway, for anyone following this, I went back to:

- Live view (update on demand) 

- Technical illustration

    - opaque windows

-Shadows on


It's quicker/near instant to send to layout. 

When printed the dimensions and text really stand out since they're in color especially against the technical illustration which has very fine line weights. 

The shadows give a good depth perception, especially giving a nice shadow for everything under the terrain. 

The house above ground stands out more. 


The PDF is not as well defined as the printed version, but here is a sample PDF. 



Elevation Technical Illustration.pdf

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