Changing interior door molding on one side


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I am entering a house that I measure last week. The toilet room in the master bathroom has a 45 degree wall with a 2'-4"x6'-8" door. The interior dimension

of the 45 degree wall is 2'-10". CA will not let me insert the 2'-4" door into this wall. It reduces the size of the door down to 2'-0" wide.


The only way I can place the 2'-4" wide door in this wall is to reduce the casing down to 1.5" wide. The problem is that when I reduce the casing it does it

on both side of the door. Is there a way to have the casings on one side of the door be different size than the other side like we can do with exterior doors ?


I measured 3.5" distance from the edge of the casing next to the door opening to the corner of the 45 degree wall. Why will CA not let me have a 3" casing

since there is 3.5" of wall to attach the casing ?


One last unrelated question. I just viewed a video that Alaskan Son did regarding making custom columns. Is there a way to tag these videos and/or topics

for future reference ?






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