Roof Issues 1 1/2 story Gable with attached Mansard over Deck


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I need to add a covered deck to the front of this plan with a mansard curved roof.  It is attached to a full gable one a half story wall.  I can not get it to work.  I've attached the plan if you would like to look at it.  Without the deck drawn I 'build roof' and ignore second floor and get a perfect gable wall with 10 - 12 pitch on the roof.  As soon as I add the deck and add in the wall criteria for the mansard pitch and 'build roof' I get this horrible roof configuration.  See images.


Would LOVE to know what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks in advance for any support!


Altizer_Chinkapin_Cottage_Edited-door move.plan

Before adding deck roof.jpg

After adding deck roof.jpg

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I think most of us know what a curved mansard roof is.  I asked the question because I could not envision one, over this porch in question, and be in keeping with the gable end above.  A mansard roof, to me, is an arrangement of steeply-pitched roof planes around the perimeter, their crests all the same elevation, with an almost-flat roof crowning the whole thing.


The O.P. has not returned to comment, and the solution with curved planes is not my idea of a mansard.  I think there is information missing.


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I see now, that many Mansard roofs, and some of the most beautiful are in fact, curved.


I agree that the OP did not mean Mansard, but I'm not sure what to call the

two pitch porch roof that was shown.  In a way it's a cool idea as you can have

a nice upper pitch, over the deck floor, and the shallower pitched  eve lets you nave

something of a nice overhang, but less blocking of the view.  Looks good too, to me anyway.



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I would call it a hipped lean-to roof.


Mansard roofs are basicly "hip" versions of a gambrel roof.  A gambrel roof has a gable end vs a mansard which connects on the edges similar to a hip roof.  Both those styles require multiple pitches in their run. 

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