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I am modelling my son's house, which has a few elliptical windows with a brick-end frame surrounding the window frame, as shown in the attached photo. I've tried constructing a polyline moulding, using the concentric edit behaviour tool, and with Coarse Brick as the material. But results were, to say the least, disastrous.


Adding the four keystones are not a problem, but getting that concentric circle of end-on brick is eluding me.


Anybody out there ever modelled something similar?


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Thanks so much, DJP. Tried to reply earlier but trouble signing in. Finally managed it.


Your suggestion worked great!. Only thing I'd like to improve on is the dimensions of the course brick. As can be seen in my jpg., there are far fewer bricks in the casing. I tried all kinds of adjustments in materials, with texture and pattern, but couldn't improve on it.


Oh well, maybe that's all I can hope for. Thanks, again.

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