I Lost My Trellis That I Wanted To Bend


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I have two problems here:


First, I found this very nice trellis in the library earlier, but now that I want to come back to it I can't find it in the library anymore? Anyone that recognises it? This is from an earlier screen shot and I never saved it to my user library it seems. I was just playing around so unfortunately I didn't save the plan either. Since then I've reinstalled Chief on an SSD so it could be that I've missed the particular library it came from.


A bit frustrating Chief can't tell me if there is a library missing. I had a crash, and had to download all bonus and manufacturer libs one by one.  :(



Second, assuming I ever find it again, how would I create a slight 15-30 degree bend on it?


Oops, forgot to include the picture. 



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I'm half way there, I did find a plan where I used it and it was in my user library! I still can't find which library it came from originally though.


However, I noticed something while searching for it. If you have a symbol/object (is there a difference?) in you user library, but it is not referenced in a core/bonus/man library, it doesn't get the thumbnail and size specifications in it's property box? This confuses me. So objects in a user library are always dependent on the one in a Chief library?

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Well, yes and no. I found it in a plan but I didn't find it in the library so it seems as if I have limited control over it.


Thanks for your suggestion on bending the trellis. I will try it. Very cool idea!


It never cease to surprise me how clever users finds way to get software to do things that wasn't intended or net yet implemented!  :)   (On the other hand it kind of becomes a bit frustrating as well when you need too many work arounds to get things done in a package. ;/  ) 


PS. Don't know about dinosaurs, but it seems as if Beckham may come back.

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  • 11 months later...

It's so frustrating that we cannot Explode the library's pergolas, etc. to modify them as needed  :angry:
I need just a portion of a wood trellis as an exterior attachment to go over a garage door.  I was trying to be lazy and not have to create one myself... Anybody have a link? :)
Something like the attached pic....



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