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  • Similar Content

    • By JDTyler
      Has anyone had experience with patterns auto rotating? I want to fill in walls with an angled hatch pattern but it rotates when the wall direction changes. In Revit the fill pattern stays the same across the plan no matter what angle the wall is and I think that looks better and more consistent. Is there a way to shut this auto rotate off? I've tried everything short of changing it back to just a solid fill. 

    • By capitaldesigns
      How do I rotate a line or object at a user defined rotation point? CA wants to rotate at the objects center point.
      There must be a way that the user can decide where that want the rotating point to be. Does anyone know how
      to do this ?
    • By capitaldesigns
      I am trying to rotate my floor plan 90 degrees to the left so it will fit better on the final layout sheets. 
      I have turned on the all on layer set then highlighted the entire floor plan with a marquee. When I do this no edit handles appear to click
      onto to rotate the plan. I can select individual items in the plan and the edit handles appear. But when I select the entire floor plan no edit
      I tried using the rotate plan view at the bottom of the tolls menu, but that rotates everything in the plan file even the door and window schedules.
      How do I rotate the floor plans only?
    • By capitaldesigns
      I,m new to CA. Using S-7
      I just completed a training video where we made a trellis patio cover. I made the column base and beams in the CAD detail management part of CA.
       then saved them to the user library. Then we assembled the parts in the floor plan and elevation view. Everything came out great.
      The problem I'm having is rotating the detached patio as a whole. When I select the whole patio I do not get the curved arrow edit handle that lets me rotate
      the object.  I then went to the transform replicate tool at the bottom of the screen and the option to rotate is grayed out. I can pick individual parts of the patio and I will get the curved arrow edit handle that allows me to rotate that object, but I can not select the entire patio and rotate it as a whole. How do I rotate the entire patio?
    • By capitaldesigns
      I'm new to CA. I'm using S-7.
      I'm designing a detached accessory structure with an open beamed ceiling. The client wants to use 1x6 T&G sheathing for the ceiling finish.
      In the materials menu of the roof planes specifications I changed the sheathing to plank decking. When I view the model in the perspective
      view the planking runs parallel to the rafters. How do I rotate the planking so that it runs perpendicular to the rafters?
      Thanks, Mike