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    • By MorroneInteriors
      I am trying to create a second landing in my stairs that just so happens to be above a door on my first floor. Instead of creating the landing where I am trying to position it to lead to the second floor, my stairs and landing are going through the door. I have attached a screenshot of what is currently happening. I am just trying to get my stairs to go to the second floor and not be squashed into the door. Also I have Chief Architect 10X
      Thank you!

    • By GroverJR
      I am using Home Designer Suite and have a couple questions/ problems and have attached a sample plan to illustrate.
      1. Can you place furniture on a stair landing without adjusting the Floor to Bottom value? In the sample image, item 1 shows two chairs placed "on" a landing. However, chair "a" was raised using the Floor to Bottom value and "b" was not. Another problem is as soon as I place the chairs they "disappear" beneath the landing! Even when I raised chair "a" to be above the landing, in the plan view it is still hidden! The only way I can see it was to make the Landing fill semi-transparent. It is like there is no way to "bring the chair to the front" so it is first selected (unless I haven't found this feature yet)?
      2. This stair goes to the second level and although I have no ceiling above the landing, there is a solid wall (item "c") that I don't want there (the "x" area should be gone so you can see down to the landing below). If I make the wall invisible, then the exterior wall to the roof line above disappears (since it is the same wall... this is understandable). But how can I get rid of area "c" so I can view the landing from the second floor?
      If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

    • By TSJDesign
      Anyone know a good way to change a single section of stairs from one material/construction method to another without effecting the connected landings/stair sections?  In the screenshot, i have a concrete exterior stair that I want the final upper section to be wood with railing and open below, but cannot figure out how to make this happen.
      Thanks Todd

    • By TSJDesign
      Hey all-
      I often have landscape stairs that are not well served by the stair tool, and have been trying to create a multi-landing "stairway" consisting of 3 or more landings connected to each other - NOT separated by stairs.  I've attached screenshots of the problem I'm having - chief will connect the first landing in a series but not the subsequent landings (screenshot shows a connection to the bottom landing and to the top landing, but not the landing separating the two).
      Is there a way to connect landings that are not separated by a stair section created by the stair tool, or should I stop beating my head against this and just draw polyline solids for the landings and manually figure out the stair connections?
      Thank you!