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    • By MaxStudio
      Hi Everyone,
      I have an L-shaped stair with a landing at the center.  Is there a way to independently apply railings or other specifications to just the top or bottom portion of the stair?
    • By Haskellf
      In South Florida, homes are prominently constructed out of concrete blocks, metal studs & beams, concrete headers/lentils/beams, and wooden trusses. Which software would you recommend that would be best suited for concrete home construction? 
      Also, I can't find any training videos for CA that uses concrete blocks and therefore I wanted to ask you all if you know of any videos or tutorials for CA... Or maybe one of the aforementioned software would be better suited for concrete block construction?
    • By Designer100
      I would appreciate any help with this interior stair that has stair-landing and then 2 stairs going different directions.
      I cannot get it figured out. see attached plan. Then stair to side on how it needs to be or attached pdf.
      Thank you if anyone can. help.
      Newell Cheatheam
      Chief x9 windows 10
    • By SNestor
      Is it normal that a railing wall sit on top of the floor finish?  Attached is a picture of a guard railing that is located on the second floor.  I'm curious as to why the lowest rail (shoe) is not resting on the subfloor...but on top of the carpet.  Seems odd to me.  
      Have I goofed something up? 
      I'm sure you will let me know if I need to attach the plan...
      Thanks all.

    • By rlackore
      X7 Hollowcore Plank library with four subfolders:
      1. CAD Sections. These are CAD cross-sections; each section is a CAD Block consisting of a perimeter shape and individual voids. Insert layer is CAD, Default.
      2. Face Sections. These are the CAD cross-sections saved as a 3D Face to allow creating custom length extrusions; just explode the Architectural Block, select the face, and extrude. You could easily extract these faces from the solids (see #3), but I've included them for convenience. Insert layer is Slabs.
      3. Solids (Architectural Blocks). These are solids saved as Architectural Blocks; the intent is to provide something that can be trimmed with another solid to allow creating planks with cut ends or holes. Insert layer is Slabs.
      4. Symbols. These are the solids converted to a symbol to allow for easy stretching in the depth direction to provide planks of varying lengths. Insert layer is Slabs.
      Using a combination of these types you should be able to create almost any plank layout you need.
      Hollowcore Plank.calibz