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Hi guys


Just wondering if there is an easy way to edit the shape of full height cabinet?


I just need to fill in the corner space pictured in screenshot, ideally just selecting points and dragging them where I want manually.


Have been looking through knowledge base, but nothing stood out :-/


Appreciate any help I can get.







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Open cabinet-hit "F1"-select "general" to see where to configure shape of cabinet, select "front side back panel" will get the information on how to adjust cabinet faces and such.

There is nothing listed anywhere about reversing the cabinet to get what you want. It is a matter of thinking about how to get what you want from what the program will do.

Attached a sample for you.


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Hi Mark


I've had a chance to look into adjusting the cabinet settings. I opened up your plan and repeated settings etc.


Thanks a lot, that has given me a much better understanding of how it works.


Side note: I have attached a completed render to see the fruits of your labour.


Much appreciated.




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