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  1. Mickey and all the folks who have weighed in on this topic, Thanks so much! The chart that Mickey provided was exactly what I was hoping I would find. My eventual goal is to get my license. Here in PA as well as other States, the process for eligibility to sit for the A.R.E. exists based on experience, the non-traditional path to licensure. I have been working with an architect who is slowly growing the project types e.g. residential and commercial. The architect has been using Archicad for roughly 10 years and swears by it for residential as well as commercial. when she was working in other firms, those firms adopted Archicad as the sole cad platform. The learning curve is fairly shallow compared to Revit and yet more powerful and flexible than Chief. As I am slowly getting involved with more commercial projects I'm seeing that Archicad is probably the way to go. Thanks again folks.
  2. I need to be able to do this: > Existing Condition Survey > CD's e.g. Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details > Schedules would be great Seriously, aren't houses just smaller versions of Bigger buildings? Is it not possible to create Blocks or Components in Chief? Steel trusses for roof and floors, concrete floors with decking, Walls that are curtain wall and shaped? Has no one taken the leap to push Chief past residential?
  3. I know I need to upgrade. I'm using AutoCAD v2008, Sketch-Up v7 and Chief 9.5. I want/need to be able to do lite commercial up to maybe medium weight commercial. These samples are good examples especially if they can be exported to DWG format.
  4. I guess it depends on the definition of what Lite Commercial is. That 10 story Condo is not lite commercial.
  5. The Light Commercial projects that are in the gallery are quite nice. I'd like to see what a set of cd's look like that were created with Chief for LT Commercial. I saw the Condo project that was done with 9.5 and that was pretty impressive. I'd like to see that in a CD format.
  6. That's the kicker. I do residential as well as commercial. One friend has Archicad, another has Revit. They all say that theirs is best. No good side by side comparison with people to talk with.
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts about Archicad compared to Chief?
  8. Guess not. I used Photoshop to rotate and imported it that way. Paint only gives you 90 degree rotation.
  9. I guess but I thought that Chief would rotate a jpeg.
  10. Holding in the Control doesn't work either.
  11. I just tried to Replicate, 0 copy, rotate angle 45 and it still rotated at 90
  12. I do have rotate & replicate.
  13. I just dropped in another jpeg and it will only rotate 90 degrees?