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  1. I never had the pleasure of meeting either of you, but certainly wish that I had. If memory serves me his profile was J. Ellis Rue. 


    Sorry that I can't shed additional light on the migration, It sounds like you've got solid advice.


    You are in Arkansas & I'm in HSV, Alabama - maybe we can meet in the middle and have dinner in Memphis when the plague has passed! 


    Glad that you're back!


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  2. 14 hours ago, ChiefUserBigRob said:

    greetings from another alabamaian, daphne to be exact. glad your problem was solved.

    Hey, Rob! Daphne is a lovely town in a great location. We like to go down, eat lots of good seafood, visit the Fairhope Dog Park, and stomp around Mobile. We are reformed Floridians, so going to the beach isn't a 'thing'. 


  3. Yeah, I'm OK only lost a few min work. I knew something was nutty when I couldn't get the same results that you did.

    I went into the archive file and found one that I sort of trust. It's only a kitchen, but I hate the feeling of little confidence.


    I've sent a zip of the last auto-save that has data to tech support. It's been my experience that the engineers are awesome at forensic work. I doubt that it'll remain an issue.


    Mark, I so very much appreciate your assistance and thoughts on this! ~Cheryl

  4. 39 minutes ago, Rpadge said:

    I opened and closed the DBX of the base cabinet below the offending BS and it went away.


    Robert, I did that at 1 point and it went away. Then I zoomed out and like magic it reappeared. Thanks for looking, though.

    50 minutes ago, dshall said:

    this is the cabinet that was effecting the backsplash. (it it 3")1333158134_ScreenShot2020-04-27at10_27_31AM.thumb.png.128cf03809db3eef8548cc3e72cfb925.png1333158134_ScreenShot2020-04-27at10_27_31AM.thumb.png.128cf03809db3eef8548cc3e72cfb925.png

    Thanks, Scott! Boy, that's a   l o n g  way from the wall to carry a BS. Waste Can Cab saved to my library who knows when. I will delete and save another w/o BS or as Richard suggested, set to -0-.


    Thanks for this! ~Cheryl

  5. seriously squirrely! thank you Mark, Richard & Eric for your promptly helping me this morning. Since we are doing everything virtually, Feel the Hugs!


    As it happens this is the home of medical providers that started kitchen demo late Feb. They have been too swamped to give me what I needed until Sat. 


    I think that Rev A was started before the last update. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.


    Anyway, My Sincerest THANKS! Cheryl

  6. OK, I'm sure that even though I've done a pazillion kitchens I am overlooking something obvious. Can you please tell me where this little piece of BS is coming from, and how to get rid of it. I'me sure that it is something simple. I have pulled out the filler and it persists. I tried going forward with the custom BS thinking that I could over-ride it, but it persists. I have closed, rebooted, and it persists! I'm beginning to think it may be a bug!


    Of course, I need to get this out today, too.


    Thank you in advance for your time, ~Cheryl


    Phantom BS.jpg

    Cushing Jeremy & Andre Ver

  7. 51 minutes ago, GinaMc said:

    LOL, Steve! I would be embarrassed if I weren't so grateful! Ha! Oh wow, yeah...I had some serious issues.


    I did take this opportunity to upgrade to 12, BTW.


    I really, really appreciate everyone's help! My goal is to go front-back on the online training videos, but right now I'm just trying to get out projects...cobbled together as they are.


    Thanks, CA community! <3


    Gina, don't forget us the next time you hit a brick wall layer!


    Most of us have made our living with CA and we really appreciate the staff in Couer d'Alene working to make the program at max utility and min frustration. But, it's a H U G E feature-rich program! With that, there is a learning curve that comes with using it productively. You are on your way to doing great work with this tool.


    As soon as you have time, load in your signature here so that it will be on board. Be sure to check out the posts regularly here and in the Gallery section, and before you know it you'll be assisting someone else (maybe me) who is struggling to get something out the door. 


    All the best, ~Cheryl

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  8. Yep, CA X12. Sorry


    When you have a chance please add a signature to your settings including the CA version & what your hardware is all about so we know what ver you have. 


    Just an FYI: the triangle thing was an old attic wall I suspect. I erased all that stuff and placed a new attic wall on the 'Attic" level above the Window Wall. I made sure that the 'Attic Wall' dbx was checked and that the new wall was directly over the wall that you had drawn. 


    Wishing you the very best, I have to go all the way to my kitchen now, but I'll be back tomorrow.

    I'm sure that someone else that has Ver X11 loaded will be able to assist as well. 


    Eric is a GEM! 


    1 minute ago, GinaMc said:

    I went back in and divided the room using the Room Divider tool.  After I chose "Flat roof over this room" for the main kitchen area, it fixes the rise between the spaces, but I still have this weird triangular wall by the windows.


    Gina, Open the exterior walls on the plan that I sent back and study the dialog boxes.

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