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  1. 9 hours ago, ACADuser said:


    This will be our first since moving here '19.  Looking like the cone is heading towards us now, but still 5 days out and will change.  We are 20 miles inland, so I'm not worried as much as coastal peeps.  I got a new client actually, where the zone is "VE (EL 20)", so he will have a few stairs to get to the main floor, of course house his is not built yet, design stage.

  2. 2 hours ago, jtcapa1 said:

    I'm looking for feedback.

    I could never get a good looking B&B via just regular PBR... there are people on here who are just amazing, IMO, on their quality though.  I resorted of doing B&B just with a material region, and copy/move.  The good thing about MR's, you don't have to trim around doors, windows, etc.. 


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  3. 13 minutes ago, missionworks said:

    create an outdoor space within my structure

    CA still will recognize this as a room, so why not call it what it is, room type being a court.   Under the structure tab, by default the floor will be concrete slab, but you can change it to gravel/soil/grass or whatever.   Also set your floor elevation to what you want with main floor (-6 for example).  Uncheck roof over room and flat ceiling.. and "check floor under this room".  You might have to manually draw the foundation or maybe have to delete the slab it might create in this area.

  4. 1 hour ago, robdyck said:

    That's a great looking elevation page! 

    Thank you Robert, coming from a pro like you, means a lot!  The whole house is gorgeous IMO.


    8 hours ago, jasonn1234 said:

    but almost have to use no fill to see the lines

    I did play with the edge and pattern line color and weights and that helped a lot.. also did things like the vertical lines (heavier line weight) from the ridges with pitch market on both sides to point per say to not have leaders over the dark shingles.

    EXTERIOR-1 ISO 9092022.jpg

    EXTERIOR-2 ISO 9092022.jpg

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  5. 12 hours ago, robdyck said:

    top and/or left of the elevation view.

    It funny you should mention this, 99% of the time that is where I put it also.  But this house is so long, that the side view takes up a the whole page, and this an Arch E size too. That the bottom right corner is where the legend fit.  Plus, anal me I center my main elev. views with the page....


    15 hours ago, PMMully said:

    less clutter, save time. Leaders only for very specific stuff to a page.

    Exactly.. and that's why you got a upvote!  :-)  

    note and balloon 2.png

  6. 28 minutes ago, PMMully said:

    "short ones"

    Gotcha..  I do show these kind of notes as well,   I guess my "balloons and legend" are more in line with a bill of material kinda thing.  Just got tired of leaders and text describing lap siding for example.

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  7. Sorry about the late response, a circuit kept tripping in the electric panel here, the one that this pc and other rooms are on.  Troubleshooted it to a power strip of misc. items.  Don't know what caused that to fail, but at least I am up and running again. 

    On 9/6/2022 at 7:50 PM, Renerabbitt said:

    What "balloon" are you referring to, can you post a reference image

    I call what's highlighted in yellow the balloon.  I don't know if that's the correct term here on Chief, but that what I've called it on other software.


    12 hours ago, PMMully said:

    What am I missing

    You have an example Patrick of what yours looks like?

    note and balloon .png

    note and balloon 1.png

  8. 2 hours ago, DRAWCO said:

    The city wants my 2d elevations to show stucco

    Just curious, but why?  Wouldn't a note or a patch section you draw manually in the 2D view and hatch be suffice?  

    stucco hatch.png

  9. 6 hours ago, robdyck said:

    I've often created my own clipboard of sorts. I'll add all the notes to the note schedule cad detail and locate them all beside or above / below the note schedule.

    That might be a good work around.. 

    I create the schedule in a cad detail as well, so your saying instead of creating that balloon (and note info) on a elevation view, for example, you create the balloon right next to the schedule so you can copy and paste.  

  10. Hey George..  

    To get the cathedral, uncheck "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" in the room specification.

    To get the flat, the for sure way is to draw in a ceiling plane at the height your wanting the flat area.  Open the ceiling specification to set height and zero for the pitch.

    Another option is to set the room ceiling height at 112" and locate your roof plane where it crosses the wall at the 88", leaving "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" checked.


    I am assuming your using Premier...

  11. 1 hour ago, para-CAD said:

    I've never had to show a 3D view for a truss roof (framing) on any set of plans.

    Ditto to everything Para stated. Show desired 2D plan, let the pros do the rest.  My engineers won't even do trusses anymore either, they wait for the stamped truss drawing from the truss vender.

  12. I use the schedule notes all the time, keeps things clean and organized, not to mention one place if I have to change a note.  I use them for my floor plan, electrical plan, and elevations.  Specifically elevations, I was wondering if there is a way to call up a note number instead of copy and pasting the balloon from another view?

  13. 9 hours ago, dandrconcepts said:

    Any one with some input would greatly be appreciated.

    I've done a couple pole barn to homes now, what is it you need?  The link DB attached is a great starting point.  If your doing this from a kit, those plans are a great start too.  They usually have post sizes, spacings, spans, foundation details, etc.  Here in the panhandle, most houses are basically sitting on grade with a mono slab, at least with these barns, the post are anchored deep.. so to me more stout.  

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  14. 48 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

    would you rather them be spending all their time monitoring the forum or improving our software

    that's a big YES.  


    Curious, can a person without a Chief license have an account?  Like I mentioned before, the spam isn't hurting anything, just a big nuisance.  Just like my long lost aunt from somewhere in Africa constantly emailing are also.  

  15. I love using Chiefs note speciation balloons for many reason.  One for the clutter (just a more clean look), two so I can use the same balloon elsewhere instead of making a text line fit.  With a legend on each sheet, its easy to read too.   Here is my question; we have the ability of making "notes" with varies balloon shapes for Baths, Electrical, Exterior, Framing, General, HVAC, Kitchen, Plot and Roof.  How do I control the layer automatically?  For example, I use the "General" for basic floor plan notes for call outs... and it puts in on the layer "Text, Notes" layer.  But when I go to a electrical plan for example, and want to add a "electrical note", it puts it on the same "Text, Notes" layer, thus turning all the other notes on.. until I manually move it to the electrical text layer (for example).  Then to avoid turning the "Text, Notes" layer on to continue noting in electrical (again for example), I have to copy and change text >copy electrical balloon just created>change text for a new assigned number.   Is there a way that I can just do a note and not copy-then retype a new note?  Meaning, is there a way with every note category (as noted above) it puts it in its own layer automatically.  


    I don't know if I am making sense.. hopefully so.  


  16. Thanks Eric,


    Interesting, you did something I never thought of doing and that is to lay a wall down against the exterior wall.  I will def try the next deck I do, which it seams like its every other house.  

  17. 8 hours ago, Doug_N said:

    On almost every project that I do I have to fix this.

    I do too...  thanks for letting me know it still hasn't changed.  Seems like an easy thing for a programmer to set, but I'm not a programmer either, so..  I guess my fix is to put in a psolid at every point of contact then, so I don't have a gap.  


    I know we've suggested it before, with a hundred "pluses" .

    deck ledger 2.jpg

    deck ledger 2b.jpg

  18. As we all know Chief still needs to work on decking, and one of the main things is the way a deck ledger board attaches to the structure.  By the time I moved each one out to its proper location, and adjust beams, deck planking, I have a couple hours to think about this.  Here is my question; because the deck ledger board "sits" inside a wall framing by Chiefs default, and because we have to move it out, how do we fill in the gap left now that this board is missing?


    This all being said, if this was fixed in 14, my bad, I still need to an update.


    Be blessed!

    deck ledger 1.jpg

  19. Hey Marc,


    I don't know what others do, but I figured the expert plumbers will know how to pipe pre-slab pour.  However, on my foundation plan I turn the reference display on to locate all the fixtures, then put a little symbol (solid circle) at each location (not dimensioned) with a note to see the plan.  When all fixtures are "located" I turn the reference display off.  Nothing fancy, but gives the contractor a heads up to look at the plan...  

    Screenshot 2022-07-14 231935.png