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  1. Thanks Solver

    Thats only part of the issue

    I would like to show all similar windows with the same callout, ie, all 2-8 x 4-0 DH as A

    where A is a callout inside of a shaped border


  2. Is there any way to change the auto-generated window numbers that appear as callouts when you make a window schedule? I know you can choose to use a user-generated label instead, but I like the checks and balances of a callout for all similar windows, and the look of a shaped border. Unfortunately, can't figure out how to make that happen here. 

    What I want to happen: all similar windows have a callout with a shape border that I can set, and which will appear in order in my schedule, and as the label on my elevations

    What is happening: Chief generates a callout which I cannot change. If I make a custom label, it shows only as text/no shape border.

    Any advice is appreciated


  3. Well, I am an avid hot key user and settled on a great mouse so far. I went with a friends recommended mouse. I have a Utechsmart Gaming mouse. It has a "num pad" style key pad @ the thumb. Secondary software that allows you to program macros that match with key sequences that I would use on my left hand. Example, I used the series "m,c,i" for multi copy interval, now that is programmed to a single button on my mouse hand after a left click on an object and brings that menu right up. Pretty nice features for efficiency. It also allows me to establish 5 profiles that can swap out pending which software/or planning mode that i am in. So photoshop, and Windows have there own quick keys for tasks. I can change out mouse hot keys for Default, Framing, Plumbing, electrical... Its like having annotation sets for hotkeys. Works great for getting right into secondary tools. So far i have had very few issues other than adjusting to what is programmed so far. 

  4. I looked at having "working" layer sets, but I would have to create a bunch, then have my annotation sets function correctly, and keep it maintained...#PIA. The other function this would serve would be collaboration. I have 4 people in my office, so if we could designate a layer in our plan files defaulted to design notes, we could then collaborate via that layer and never worry about printing the notes. It just seems like adding a control like this would be a great function. I spend enough time in emails, I would rather spend it adding designer notes to a plan, then send it John doe in finishes and the email will simply read "HERE IS THE PLAN, SEE NOTES FOR CHANGES, EMAIL/CALL FOR Q's"


    Can you guys not just use "working" layer sets?  You can have any various layers turned on in those sets but turned off in the sets you send to layout.  This way you don't have to worry about deleting anything if you don't want to.

  5. I am not sure about everyone, but I jump around from project to project...ALOT. I have a layer that is a "design notes" which i store notes and leaders about thoughts I have as the design process goes. As i jump from project to project, i have to turn this layer on and off, It would be nice to be able to toggle layers that will not be sent to the printer. So i can just leave it on and make the corrections as a go. Anyone have a way to make this work better? Should i move this post to the suggestions? I am sure this would be a good add for anyone using revision clouds as well.



  6. I like to keep it simple, I use a Logitech four button, scroll wheel mouse, on my laptop I use a wireless version of the same mouse

    I am looking at a few options, I had a 3 w/ the wheel, but i am a huge user of hotkeys and was looking at a few models meant for gaming that i could setup almost as a second keyboard on my right hand.

  7. I would actually prefer an experienced builder over an 'architect' on staff. I never liked building from an 'Architects' set of drawings. I'm putting 'quotes' around the word 'architect' because I've met many who have never driven a nail or cut a 2 x 4 and draw details that can't be built, or can't be built efficiently, and draw plans that don't match any real world construction. I would want them no where near the plans I want to actually build from. Builders like to build from my plans because I actually 'built' and I can draw a detail that really works in the field.


    Now all you 'Architects' out there don't get your panties in a bunch. I imagine there are a few good ones that actually know how a building goes together - maybe Chief could hire one of those.


  8. While all this talk goes on, what I want to know is "Any hints on X9". I starting to get very crazy wondering. Please, oh, and I'm not having any problems with Chief. What some people call workarounds, I call knowing how the program works. I know there are some things that need a little TLC and I'm sure Chief will fix it on their schedule, so I don't worry about it. Just bring on X9, I have never been disappointed yet.

    Perry, So true, Knowing is half the battle...

  9. Hello Everyone,


    I have had a great opportunity to try the 3d viewer out in the field on a sales call and give some feedback to the engineering team @ chief. I can say that overall it was a nice tool to have. Here is the context in which I used/tested it:


    Context of Test:
    I went on a sales call to discuss adding a second floor dormer, or full 2nd floor addition. I brought with me a simplified proposal  plan set with some floor plans, renderings, cross sections of a Dormer project here in western Mass, the 3d viewer on my Ipad Air (Purchased 2 years ago). I loaded both versions of the proposed concept on my ipad both using a Wifi (comcast) and Celluar (verizon 4G LTE) with no problems.
    Using X8, It was a very easy process of exporting the model out. Overall, I was pleased with export and "loading process" (Both Wifi, and Verizon Wireless from cloud) of getting the Model from Chief to 3d Viewer. No issues, no lag, no problems. Simple.
    I was able to load an approximate 2,000 sqft home, including the 1/4 acre lot,driveway,walkway, and main road, I did not keep terrain features like trees in the models.
    I didn't have alot of textures or objects loaded on the first floor due to the projects scope of work, second floor included wall tile, paint colors, floor some stock and some custom textures, furniture, fixtures, Cabinets, Specific roof framing (trusses)..etc.
    During our 2 hour meeting, I was able to use the 3d viewer to supplement the plan set. It was easy to  discuss the headroom options on the second floor, overall flow,  and the benefits of both plans using the cross section slider in the viewer. Switching from one model to the other was easy, and allowed me a lot of flexibility that having just a paper plan set would not offer me.  Client was VERY responsive to the walk-through Sojourn application.  He was blown away as we stood at the top of the stairs and "virtually walked" through his dormer addition.
    Although Graphically, I had some setbacks as far as the sheathing showing through the shingles, overall it was very nice to be able to open the model and show the couple what was going on. I had no really lag during rotations or walk-through. 
    I would defiantly  say that this tool is a nice linebacker for sales tools. Its great at filling those gaps when clients ask questions about views or details that are not clearly demonstrated on a initial presentation plan set.  Nice not to have to have a laptop/surface on stand-bye, easier to move around with a simple model, flash between my prior portfolio of work and the viewer.
    I would recommend everyone take a look at this, and see if it can be another tool in the box for you.


  10. Are you kidding Rich,  I have a 43.67 kadoodleterra byte size hard drive.  I could put the entire Library of Congress on my 'puter.


    I have progressed mightily from the 40meg hard drive that was on my MAC SE30 BACK IN 1989.......  jeez......  am I really that old?  I wonder if my wife is going to put me down in a humanely way soon........


    Yeah Scott,

    Nice to not to deal with Vacuum tubes and switch out those 8" floppy disks....

  11. I am currently using Google docs, I have syncing software that detects new or changes to the file and saves them after i modify or create plan/layout files. It works well. keeps everything is the same wherever i go. Just deactivate licences and activate on the new machine

  12. Agree'd Jcaffe, seems that would be the big turn around. I thought it would be nice for Chief to get some high end kitchen hardware, like Rev-a-shelf models that we can open and close as we are doing 3d walk through.  Seems like it would be beneficial to add an "3d open cabinet door/drawer feature". allowing us to show clients roll outs and drawer items, lazy Susans..things like that. also add better under cab LED light strips that are popular now.